April 22, 2014

Hair Update

At this point, my hair is as blonde as it can go. I've bleached it to the point of no return a few months ago and it's been maintenance, maintenance, maintenance since then. I'd love to show you some recent, hot pics of my hair, but for the most part, the only documentation of my current look is a large collection of drunk bathroom selfies.

Basic maintenance = bleach virgin hair before the roots get "ugly" (personal preference I personally like to let mine grow a bit). sometimes I have to bleach twice. then tone all over (wella t-18 or t-14 for me)

I've actually been experimenting with a bleach bath and I basically add shampoo to my bleach and developer and just rub it on my head like shampoo until everything is covered followed by a rinse and normal toner process. I know I'm not supposed to bleach the roots AND the already bleached hair, but the bath was faster. I mean way faster. But I do think overlapping causes some breakage, so I'll only do that again if I really need a quick hair fix. 

Bonus: My light hair is fantastic for chalking. Totally late to the chalking game, but I can have purple hair for one day and blue the next so it's swell.  


  1. I love it :) Thanks for the advice! I recently fried the shit out of my ends, trying to get that white blonde ombre action, haha- Some strands survived, others did not... Oh well! <3 Emily



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