February 11, 2014

Power Parfait

Every morning I end up choosing a few more moments of bonding with my pillows and blankets over the meal that is supposed to debut my entire day. Like Ms. Knope, I am both a strong woman and lover of breakfast foods. I make important time management decisions and sadly, breakfast gets rescheduled to train time in granola bar form. That's not a filling breakfast. Recently though, some magic happened in my breakfast bowl when I made a yogurt parfait that is both filling and to-go worthy, which is everything I could ever ask of breakfast.

Start with plain, Greek yogurt. Even if you're a hater and think it tastes too much like sour cream, you should buy plain. Why? Because you can make your own vanilla with vanilla extract. Feel like honey today? Add honey to sweeten. Nothing can hold you back from the flavor you desire. But yogurt won't fill me up on it's own. That's why I went crazy with the toppings. Fun and filling.

On busy days, I put the yogurt in a mason jar the night before and add the toppings in the morning before I run out the door (so the granola doesn't get soggy). I bought a cheapo spoon that I use for my to-go meals, so if I accidentally throw it away or lose it, it's not a big deal, but it's also reusable.

Versatility is important to me in food. I tend to make the same thing over and over, just with different ingredients. For example, sandwiches. Can you even comprehend how many sandwich possibilities there are? Think about it. It's nuts. That's why I love a good old sandwich. But I'm not making a sandwich now, so back to the yogurt parfait. With a plain, Greek yogurt base, the toppings become the perfect way to personalize your breakfast. This day is YOURS, baby.

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