September 22, 2013

Packing for NYC Pt. 2

If you read my previous post (Packing for a Short-Term Move to NYC) you'll know that I moved to New York City earlier this summer, but alas, it didn't work out as I had planned. Tomorrow, I will be making the trip again with high hopes of it working out this time. However, last time I had an apartment to move to, extremely cheap rent, and a job I was 99% sure I was going to get (and I did). Then it all fell apart after my ex and I broke up. This time... I have a job interview, but no apartment and a lot less money than I did at the beginning of the summer. I have three other potential roommates, but they both have places to stay while in the city. As for me, I'll be couchsurfing my way around until we manage to find an apartment that meets our rent, room, and location requirements. YEAH. Good luck to us, right? Like usual though, I'm optimistic about this time around and I'm willing to be uncomfortable for a bit if it means being that much closer to living in the city. Maybe I'll meet some awesome people along the way! I will probably leave a large suitcase at my friend's apartment and travel with a smaller load. It'll make me feel better to at least have this stuff in the city with me, but not WITH me.

This trip is a bit different when it comes to packing.

Things I need to consider:

• I don't have a "career" job interview (yet?), but I'm hoping for one. So I want to make sure I pack for interviews just in case.

• I'm also packing a sleeping bag so I can move around when I need to and don't use up my host's blankets.

• Unless I start my job right away, I'll probably be alone quite a bit while my host is at work, so I'm bringing along some books and my computer (which can get kind of heavy!)

• Moving around is going to be stressful. I need to keep packing light.

• Weather. Always changing and never predictable.

This is what I ended up packing in my travel around bag:

Toiletries: 3oz bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, face wash, and a mini hairspray, and my makeup (which is like 700 shades of lipstick and some powder), brush, my own bath towel.

Clothes: 1 pair of black jeans, 2 maxi-dresses (good for layering), 1 going-out dress in case I made friends (lol yeah right), clothes for sleeping in (shirts- but these shirts also doubled as something I could wear during the day or layer over my dresses), 1 pair of shorts, a million pairs of underwear, 3 bras (ya get sweaty), 7 pairs of black socks, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 plaid button up, and necklaces and rings I wear daily.

Shoes:  (All in plastics bags because shoes are gross) 1 pair of brown ankle boots I wear a ton and 1 pair of black keds

Medical: Last time I ended up buying band aids, so I packed a handful of those. For some reason no matter how many times I've worn a pair of shoes, I always end up with blisters after going to New York. Birth control, lactaid pills (undiagnosed lactose intolerant, but the stomach aches are enough proof for me), advil

Extra: Mac, Player Piano, headphones, ear plugs, sleeping bag, chargers, phone, notebook, pen

Packing this bag made it easier to move around from couch to couch when it was time to make moves.

Update: I've found an apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! Wonderful roof view of Manhattan.

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