May 9, 2013

May 2013 issue of Thread magazine!

My consistent lack of posting is embarrassing but there is a lot going on in my life right now. Too many feelings and not enough time to feel them and not enough words to describe them.

I graduated from Ohio University on May 4th with a B.S. in journalism and the emotional craze that's taken over my body is worse for my mascara than starting a new brand of birth control. That's right, I was that girl crying at Tony's after our final infinity bathroom shot. Had to happen sometime. I'll write more about leaving Athens when I have a bit of time. I'll be Amtraking to New York City in about a week, so I'll have a whole 9.5 hours to write about finally leaving the Athens bubble and cry while strangers stare at me from across the aisle. It'll be a really good time.

On a better note, a new issue of Thread just came out! This is the last issue of the school year and also the last issue I will ever take part in. Four years of being a Threadie and here's to being one forever in my <3>

Read it online HERE for free!

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