March 9, 2013

Get out of bed and exercise, you lazy piece of crap

I recently acquired a medicine ball thing for some new workouts I've started. And by acquired, I mean I'm home for spring break and I found it in my mom's room. I'm about five pounds over my normal weight range, so I'm going to start exercising. Plus, who doesn't like playing with a fun, green ball? Maybe I'll even workout next week, too...hopefully kidding. I hopped on the scale yesterday and realized that just because I've cut meat out of my diet for the past seven months, doesn't mean I can fill the void with cheese. Which is exactly what I've been doing. Not only does dairy give me a terrible stomach ache, which is why I've switched to almond milk (the tastiest), but it's also seemed to completely knock any remnant of my "high school" figure away from my body and into storage- with a hefty key lock and deadbolt. With that said, I begin a dairy-free journey starting tomorrow because I'm making eggplant parmesan tonight with roasted garlic and brie.

Basically, I just want to continue wearing crop tops and not have to unbutton the top button of my high waisted skirts. Plus the combination of the two is my favorite summer uniform.

Here is a picture of me not working out and looking like a normal person instead of a Seventeen workout model that makes me feel like shit for not looking cute when I workout. Is it just me, or have you started to feel MORE self conscious about your body after teen years (where that's supposed to be a huge issue)? I'm about to graduate from college for goodness sake. Oh wait, no that makes perfect sense. Maybe I'll just go eat my anxiety away now.

March 8, 2013

Recycled post: DIY God Save McQueen tank

Repost from June 2011:

I've been eyeballing the "God Save McQueen" tees, etc. that have been popping up frequently. I'm not one to spend money if there is the slightest chance that I can make it myself, so off I dove into my haggard closet to locate a small jar of black fabric paint and hopefully come across an over-sized tank top in the treacherous process (I'm getting sick of Hanes t-shirts). Luckily, I ended up finding the paint, not in my closet, but in the garage with my school stuff I've yet to unpack. A tank top was found elsewhere among the rubble.
Upon starting this venture, I knew I wanted to incorporate the McQueen logo as well as the McQueen skull (most popular, I suppose, on this scarf), so I was pretty iffy about getting them onto the fabric via lack of screen printing devices...although now that I think of it, I probably could have just DIY'd that too...hmm too little, too late. Despite this, I feel like I managed to come up with a delightfully satisfying finished product. I ended up just painting a giant skull on the back of the tank and painting "God Save McQueen" on the front. Below is how to make your own!