November 16, 2012

DIY Kat Nailz

So cats are all the rage. If you want to be quirky, you gotta be into cats katz. Make sure you spell it with a "k" and even a "z" if you're especially eccentric. There are cat videos, grumpy cats named Tardar Sauce, cat sweaters, cat ears, and now cat nails. I'm pretty sure I spotted a picture of this on tumblr and then decided to scavenge the internet for a DIY. This one from Transient Expression seems to be spreading around the webosphere, but I can hopefully speak for a lot of people when I say 'sorry but I don't have rub-on transfer paper to whip out of my sleeve like a magician.' I'm sure the paper would be very easy to find and purchase, but when I want Kitty Nailz I want them now. It was in this moment that I was thrusted into the world of experimentation with only a hint of hope for coming out alive.

*Spoiler alert!*

I survived.

Sometimes the heads will start to peel off the nails as the clear polish dries, but just press em' back down so they stick flat! I took these pics about three days after I did my nails, so they stay on really well! I added another top coat yesterday and noticed they were a little green because the ink is getting funky, but I think they still look cool cause now they're Space Alien Cats 5 in Outer Space. Not a real movie.

I got the cat head images from Transient Expression, but I think it would be super awesome to do other images like unicorns or dogs if you're a dog person. Seriously, you could have pizza nails. You could have TARDAR SAUCE NAILS. As Liz Lemon said when she basically chose a sandwich over a man, "I CAN HAVE IT ALL!" We all can. We all can.

Edit: Five fingers, five Spice Girls...


  1. Looooove this! Omg haha so clever. x

    <3 Melissa

  2. this is the coolest nail post ever! Looks like so much fun =) I love the kitty nails.

  3. OBSESSED WITH THIS- Totally trying it! I love your posts, simply adorable. In regards to my boots from "2 is better than 1"- they are definitely secure, I'm still head over heels for them ;)

  4. this is seriously cool


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