November 29, 2012

3-step avocado pasta sauce

So I went home for Thanksgiving and decided to milk a Costco trip out of my mother. Since everything there is for serving 60 million people or more at a time, I was able to split most of the goods with her. Sadly, the almond chocolate biscotti's were one of the many items we went halfsies on. The avocados, NO. ALL MINE. Then I realized I didn't really know what the hell to use them for other than guacamole and I figured that I love guac so much I could eat it with a spoon, so why not do it? Well, actually it was a fork for pasta but STOP BEING SO CRITICAL OF ME.

I'm not exactly sure how much this recipe makes, but I'm going to estimate about a cup and a half of sauce. Definitely enough for 2 servings. Below are the ingredients and method that I used, although other than the avocado, you can substitute a lot of what I used for other shit (like garlic powder instead of a garlic clove and probably cream cheese for the Laughing Cow).


November 26, 2012

Featured: College Fashionista

Hey, kids. About a month ago I was featured on College Fashionista. The fabulous Nicole Ranieri spotted me feasting on a bowl of tortilla soup and asked me to put down my cornbread and let her snap some pics of my DIY owl shirt. I'm telling you, guys. The owls are not what they seem, cause this is really a crappy 2XL owl shirt that I snagged from the men's section in Walmart and then cut off the sleeves and made it into a dress. BAM. Fashion.

Here are some pictures from the post but it's only a lil' teaser snippet cause I know you'll want to go to the REAL POST and read more more more.

November 16, 2012

DIY Kat Nailz

So cats are all the rage. If you want to be quirky, you gotta be into cats katz. Make sure you spell it with a "k" and even a "z" if you're especially eccentric. There are cat videos, grumpy cats named Tardar Sauce, cat sweaters, cat ears, and now cat nails. I'm pretty sure I spotted a picture of this on tumblr and then decided to scavenge the internet for a DIY. This one from Transient Expression seems to be spreading around the webosphere, but I can hopefully speak for a lot of people when I say 'sorry but I don't have rub-on transfer paper to whip out of my sleeve like a magician.' I'm sure the paper would be very easy to find and purchase, but when I want Kitty Nailz I want them now. It was in this moment that I was thrusted into the world of experimentation with only a hint of hope for coming out alive.

*Spoiler alert!*

I survived.

Sometimes the heads will start to peel off the nails as the clear polish dries, but just press em' back down so they stick flat! I took these pics about three days after I did my nails, so they stay on really well! I added another top coat yesterday and noticed they were a little green because the ink is getting funky, but I think they still look cool cause now they're Space Alien Cats 5 in Outer Space. Not a real movie.

I got the cat head images from Transient Expression, but I think it would be super awesome to do other images like unicorns or dogs if you're a dog person. Seriously, you could have pizza nails. You could have TARDAR SAUCE NAILS. As Liz Lemon said when she basically chose a sandwich over a man, "I CAN HAVE IT ALL!" We all can. We all can.

Edit: Five fingers, five Spice Girls...

November 15, 2012

back to 3rd grade

Remember when wearing bright blue eye shadow and glitter was cool? Well it's back. For me at least. I got some snazzy new lipstick for 99 cents at cvs the other day and let me tell you, it felt like it should have cost me zero cents cause it's crusty and definitely portrays the price. But I wore it anyway cause I was feeling tangerine-y. It looks red in this seedy selfy though. Imma rock some sweet baby blues tomorrow. Baby blue lids that is. Also I love turtle necks. TN4L.