September 9, 2012

Get your shit together breakfast potatoes

I have been making these potatoes non-stop for breakfast lately. They're probably not that much better than eating french fries, but they certain satisfy the salty, ketchup, carbo-load cravings I get. Considering my breakfasts are frequently always consumed alone, this recipe is for one. Since it's the loneliest number. Am I melodramatic enough yet?

Get your shit together:

1 russet potato
1 T butter
Some salt, garlic powder, and cayenne to taste
Also a knife, cutting board, microwave, spatula, frying pan, and small bowl


1. Cut potato into cubes
2. Place butter in a pan and turn to medium heat
3. Place cubes in a bowl and microwave on the single potato setting
4. Now that the pan is hot, dump the potatoes into the pan
5. Generously season with salt, cayenne, and garlic powder. Note: a little cayenne goes a long way.
6. Mix the seasoning evenly by flipping the potatoes around. Is that sauteing? Am I late on learning that?
7. Cook until the potatoes are browned

I suggest pairing these suckers with an egg and a cup o' coffee. Or pretty much anything. You can never have too much starch!.... said the obese man in the corner of the diner eating pie.


  1. it looks delicious, i believe that you are an amazing chef! <3

    Letters To Juliet

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  3. Gracias por visitar mi blog, me alegro de que te gustaran los pendientes. Bss


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  5. Anonymous9/15/2012

    I'm a potato freak! I used to cook them and season them with olive oil when I lived in my apartment, most times because I was also to broke to buy other groceries haha.

  6. Starch really does help you get your shit together in the morning, at least it helps me along. I should do these if I'm not too lazy.


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