June 8, 2012

Summer Style: Athens Ohio

Although the excitement of Ohio University’s last spring quarter has simmered down to take the form of a cold, forgotten cup of coffee during finals week, students still have oodles to do come summertime.

Unfortunately for some, working and summer classes will take up quite a bit of sun and margarita time. Others, however, will spend their time in Athens attending Brew Week, going to Strouds Run, and hiking up Bong Hill.

As young adults, ‘planning’ isn’t exactly in our vocabulary. So when that hot guy you gave your number to in the coffee shop calls you to hang, and says he’ll be there to pick you up in five (!!!), you’ll want to be ready to walk out the door as soon as you hear the honk of the horn.

The main ingredient in summer fashion is comfort. What summer activity you’re participating in certainly dictates what you’re wearing, and sometimes you don’t even know what you’ll be doing for the day. Because of this, summer dressing usually means wearing an outfit that you can wear for multiple excursions without needing to change! How the hell are you supposed to go from a day of sweating at Strouds to a night of flirtatious dancing?

It’s all about practice– and soon it’s easier than your bowling final. The key to perfecting summer ensembles is simple versatility. A cotton dress could be worn while you read a book on your front porch or as a pretty bathing suit cover up when you decide to hit the beach. A pair of shorts, sandals, and a top is great for lunch, but also great for going right to the bars with friends. Wear a pair of cool boots on a hike and then kick them off when you get to Strouds– surprise, your bathing suit is on underneath! It’s all about layering and anticipating.
Brew Week

strouds run

Bong Hill


  1. Great looks! I love the last one, perfect for a festival :)

    Put your heels up

  2. oh my, every single one of those sunglasses is perfect! i love your blog, i'm following ;)

    Rosie Say Relax


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