May 2, 2012

Fest Fashion: Ohio University Street Fests

Springtime in Athens officially starts at the first tapped keg. Ohio University is famous for its many street fests– and the unpredictable weather that looms over them. Rainy days can lead to tough life choices: Hood or no hood? Should I wear rain boots? What about waterproof mascara? All of these questions can really inhibit making even more important decisions– like which party to go to first!

With this post, however, fest wear will become second nature and the little brainpower you’ll have by the end of fest season can be used for locating the nearest case of Natty and avoiding getting peed on by a boy too intoxicated to find a bathroom. But that’s another story…

Below I have compiled a few words of advice from fellow Ohio university students and put together some outfit collages for inspiration. Based on their experiences, most students can agree that comfort and practicality are the most important aspects of festing– and I couldn’t agree more!

“My rain boots were the best things ever; you don’t want to have to worry about getting nice clothes dirty. It wasn’t even the rain, there was beer everywhere people were just splashing around in it.”
            -Helen Reed, Junior

“Keep layers in mind. Fest weather is typically unpredictable. Try and wear something with a hood– if you’re drinking you can count on losing your umbrella.”
            -Callie Driehorst, Junior

“Ideal fest attire is comprised of comfortably fitting, yet abnormal clothing. Maybe a brightly colored tank top or a pair of extensively short cutoff jean shorts. Weather-permitting, of course.”
            -Devin Sanderson, Senior

“If it’s sunny, t-shirt, shorts and sandals. If it’s rainy/cold, I’ll switch to jeans and shoes and throw on a jacket. And if it’s a number fest, I wear something I’ll never want to wear again…If Devin was here, he would say tank tops are the right choice.” <-- He was right!
         -Josh Lundfelt, Senior

“I like to be comfortable at the fests and wear something that I wouldn’t mind spilling beer on. I would also definitely bring a purse so you can keep everything in one place…no one wants to be holding their phone, wallet, and a beer at the same time. I’d say an outfit that is super dressy with heels and their hair is all done up is not a very practical outfit for the fests because there are drunk people everywhere and if you wear something really nice, it could get ruined!”
            -Chloe Hoeg, Junior

“It depends! 9 fest, for example, I’d stick to rain boots or shitty old tennis shoes in case of mud! I agree with Chloe– wear things you don’t mind spilling alc on! I know a lot of people, including myself, bring those drawstring bags because they are easy to keep track of and most people don’t mind getting them a little dirty! …Also, can’t go wrong with leggings or basic JORTS! I like hats for fest season too!”
            -Mollie Fitzgerald, Junior
Fest 2
An oversized sweater is perfect for fest season because you can tie it around your waist if you get too hot, or add layers if it’s going to be cold. The backpack allows you to keep all of your essentials in one, secure place. The pattern on the pants makes for excellent dirt camouflage, since festing can be pretty muddy. The boots are sturdy– your toes will get stepped on!
Fest 2 by ksoconnor9 featuring floral skinny jeans


Fest Look 2
Leggings are lightweight, so they are awesome for unpredictable weather. Pair the sweater with a long tank top in case it gets too hot for the heavy knit. The scarf is adds a nice pop of color and you can even wear it as a headband if things heat up! Again, the boots are practical for such a beer-drenched climate.



Don’t miss out! Fest dates are listed below, or you can check out the Fests of Athens Facebook Page

Palmer Place Fest   April 27   Palmer Place
Palmer Fest             April 28   Palmer Street
Ark Fest                   May 5       Stewart lots by McCracken fields.
Oak Fest                  May 11     Oak Street
Mill Fest                  May 12     Mill street
9 Fest                       May 19     W. Union Street

Don’t forget to check the weather on the day of each fest!

Happy Festing!

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