April 16, 2012

using what I have: food food food

My roommate and I haven't been grocery shopping in quite some time, so I'm getting a little more creative with my cooking. I had some ground beef in the fridge I knew I needed to use soon, so opted to make that beef my dinna! Instead of just making a boring old burger (we don't have buns anyway...) I grabbed a bunch of food I was craving and put it all on the wrap with the beef patty. Kind of tasted like a gyro. And now everything smells like red onion. Sorry, boys.

Recipe makes a single serving. For me at least.
Took me about 15 minutes

What's in the damn thing?
• 1/4 lb. ground beef
• 1 tortilla shell
• 1 T. of hummus
• 2 T. Chopped red onion
• Appx. 1 tsp. each of: salt, oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder
• Parmesan cheese
• Lettuce
• 1 T. Olive oil

Whip this shit up:
1. Cut up that onion and put the olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat
2. Put all that seasoning and chopped onion into a medium bowl and mix it into the beef (I just used my hands)
3. Form an oval shaped patty and drop it on the pan
4. While that's cooking (you have about 2 minutes per side), prep your wrap by slappin the hummus, lettuce, and parmesan cheese on the tortilla shell
5. Remove the patty from the pan and plop it onto the shell
6. Wrap it on up any way you know how and chow down on deliciousness.


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  1. Sounds wierd but looks yummy! LOL
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!



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