March 27, 2012

my alarm clock

I'm not exactly a morning person. Is it bad the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is because I know I'll be able to take a nap later if I do? Gotta find motivation somehow. Thank goodness for that black coffee. I hear ya, Peggy Lee. You're my girl.

March 13, 2012

do your palms ever itch?

After much consideration, I recently decided to give Twin Peaks a second chance. What was the first chance I gave the show you might ask? I'll tell. It was attempting to watch it while being excruciatingly hungover in the bed of a morning person (7:30am) who was neither receiving reciprocated desires for a morning bone sesh nor garnering my attention toward the show. Lose, lose (for both of us I suppose, though I did not realize this at the time). Make sense? I awoke to a world of flustered and foggy, and that is certainly not the time to give David Lynch and the 90's a slice of my hangover sleep-away time. Sorry, man. 

Last week, however, I was so desperate to procrastinate my studies that I was willing to dive right into any TV series on Netflix– almost any. I wasn't quite prepared for the shame and ostracism that watching Jersey Shore would bring upon me after my brother saw it in the recently watched and scoffed about my obvious lack of self-decency with my family. To counter this wretched scenario, I clicked on Twin Peaks and put that shit in my instant queue.

There was simply way too much hullabaloo going on inside my head before I made this very wise decision. Clearly, I remember friend Sam drunkenly playing the soundtrack while sipping on Jim Beam and bumming what was probably a fourth cigarette...why was this dashing display of sound in my ears not enough to make me want to watch the show immediately? *see video below* Who knows. Sometimes, I really just don't know what is best for myself. All I know now, is that I am very much in love with a fictional character who drinks just as much coffee as I do and partially scares the shit out of me with his constant states of optimism and cheer...not to mention he reminds me of erectile dysfunction and awkward mayors...*see imdb here* Furthermore, I think know for certain that I am crushing hard on Audrey.