February 7, 2012

how do we not fade

Currently the anthem for life. Thank you to my dearest Helen Reed. This is on repeat in our household...

A friend of mine is doing a paper about what music means to people. The whole feed has been pretty amazing to read, the responses vary so much depending on the person and his or her experiences. Ahead is my response:

"music can do anything from give me goosebumps to make me dance uncontrollably...mostly alone in my room...

memories that i have are associated with music...concerts, car trips, sex, fights, breakups, laying in the grass. each song is like a smell activating a memory, and it doesn't really seem to matter how small or insignificant that memory is. it's such an intense relapse of emotion, especially if the memory isn't favorable. i feel the anger or sadness, as if it had just happened all over again. musical deja vu?

music brings people together be it through small impromptu jam sessions or giant concerts that hundreds of other people have also been looking forward to for weeks. sweaty bodies mass together for the common purpose of music. other than shows, it's hard to find clusters of strangers coming together so physically and mentally. music can also push people away– locking your door and turning the volume up so much the sound just swallows you. and i feel like the universal sign for not wanting to strike up a conversation is headphones.

listening closely to the lyrics remind me that i'm not the only one to feel joy or love, pain or loss. and that it's ok to feel 3 million emotions at once AND not have a single idea how to deal with them. i can cry, boogie, get angry, smile...just immerse myself in the words, knowing that they are just right."

 ...but what does music mean to you?


  1. im not that big on music, fashion is more my thing :)

  2. Music is everything to me.. Makes me smile, cry, dance, blush, think and just feel good..
    Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

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