February 15, 2012

DIY Elbow Patch

Fabric is a super way to spice up a boring sweater...even if boring sweaters are usually my favorites (you can wear them with everything!) Don't be wary of the whole sewing aspect, this project of perfect for sewing beginners. Can't wait to rock this look tomorrow, the cute patches will surely cheer me up in this dreary Ohio weather...and I personally think they look nice with a cup of coffee!

Here we go...

What ya need:
• sewing needle
• thread
• fabric of your choice
• pins
• scissors
• sweater (of course!)

What ya do:
1. Find a sweater that you think would look awesome with some elbow patches
2. Put on the sweater and gather four pins. Bend your elbow (so your hand touches your shoulder) and outline where the patch will go with the pins.
3. Strip that sweater off, you're ready for the fun part.
4. Cut out a rectangle of fabric big enough to fold in half to make symmetrical patches. I measured the fabric so it was about an inch bigger than the pin outline on the sweater.
5. With the fabric folded in half, cut out the patches. I made mine into an oval shape, but I think heart or star patches would be rad, too!
6. Pin the fabric in place on the sweater.
7. Thread that needle and sew those patches on! (This part is kind of a bitch. I found that keeping one hand inside the sleeve to grab the needle and then push it back out made it a lot easier)

* Make sure you keep the stitches loose so the patch remains flat!
* When you reach the ending knot, I rolled up the sleeve so that I could reach and see the inside of the sleeve. You don't want the knot to show, so make sure you end with the knot on the inside

Happy patching, people!


  1. Wow! What a cute idea! Love it. Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

    maybe we can follow each other :)

  2. this is such a cute idea. i love the floral fabric (such a great replacement for corduroy!)

    thanks for stopping by my blog. come back soon!


  3. What a lovely idea! Thanks for your sweet comments. I really like your blog and will follow :)

    Have a great weekend!
    xx, Susann

  4. It might take me a while to get into the whole patched elbows thing.... but I love the fabric you chose!
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