January 25, 2012

snack time!

We're running a bit low in the food area, so that means mixing and matching a lot of random ingredients. Cream cheese is delicious with everything, and I'd been nomming on pepperoni and Wheat Thins, so why not just make these little guys?? Simply Wheat Thin crackers, mini pepperoni slices, and a bit of cream cheese! Makes a great, quick snack...until you eat the whole box of wheat thins...then that's a meal, you fat ass.

January 22, 2012

Bacon Pancakes

When I eat a giant breakfast with the works (pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.), I always end up dousing syrup on the whole plate and just nomming on a sugary mass of goodness. I figured I'd try to make it easier on myself and mix my two favorites together to form bacon pancake strips!

These breakfast treats are awesome for hungover mornings.

What you'll need:
• Pancake mix
• Pre-cooked bacon
• Pan
• Spatula
• Syrup

Here's whatcha do, yo:

1. Prep some pancake batter (i add a bit of vanilla extract to mine)

2. Lay a few strips of bacon on the pan, make sure you left enough space in between the pieces for batter overflow!

3. Allow the bacon to cook for a few seconds and then flip

4. Pour some pancake batter right on top of the bacon

5. Let it cook and then flip when ready

6. Continue to let it cook

7. Top with syrup and let the hangover cure begin!

January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Arrow

Valentines Day is just around the corner (February 14th for all of you anti-Hallmark folks)...

Sometimes it's hard to find the time to make or find something special...other than maybe a card or snatching up a bag of chocolates when you're on your way home. I'm here to help you out, kids!

I'll be making handmade Valentines for anyone interested in purchasing one! Please let me know via email if you would a like different color scheme or design from the one pictured below OR if you would like the note to say something other than "Happy Valentine's Day!"...anything goes, just let me know what you'd like!

Arrows will be $10.00 plus the cost of standard shipping ($5)

  Approximately 8in in length (not as is photo)
  The burned edge, tea-stained note can be personalized! 

I can answer any questions via email or the comments section!

or purchase on etsy!