October 26, 2011


First attempts at some storm shots from over the summer

shake yer tail feather

I decided to give feathers on my nail a try after being totally smitten by Chloe's blog. (PS you should wish her luck as she goes through a difficult time in her life). Her blog is just utterly fantastic and it really makes me wish I didn't get nervous to the point of peeling all my nails off...including this feather by the next morning. But that's mostly because I'm not one for nail decor. But that's usually because I peel it off. Full circle. Yay nervous habits!
For this little project you will need:
1. Clear nail polish
2. A feather
3. Scissors or nail clippers
• Tallest Man on Earth daintily playing on Spotify

Now do this:
1. Pick a part of the feather and cut it to match the size of your nail.
2. Apply a layer of clear polish
3. Apply feather to wet coat of clear
4. Smooth with a top layer of clear polish
5. Trim any naughty, stray feather parts for being bad

All done!

Click here to see how Chloe did it.
Yeah hers look way better. It's cool.

October 18, 2011

apples and peanut butter < THIS DIVINE EAT.

So I'm running super low on food. You know when people joke and say they are so sick of Ramen because that's all they have to eat? Yeah. Not a joke. This is real life, people, and real life means Ramen all day, every day. Occasionally I'll switch out the Ramen for some popcorn. WHY AM I SO POOR.

In the meantime, I'll introduce you to a scrumptious breakfast I made before our food supply deteriorated into oblivion...all the while torturing myself with thoughts of real food.

This, people, is a bagel smothered in peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and apples. Toast zee bagel and proceed by topping it with the previously mentioned goods. Watch out for major honey drippage. You'll need a plate for sure. Also, I HIGHLY SUGGEST eating this with a big ole' mug of coffee to counteract the diabetes you'll probably acquire from this sweet treat.

PS: I did a practice run for part of my halloween costume with a blonde wig and some heavy, black eye liner! Guess who I'm going to be??

October 14, 2011

thread magazine: new issue

This is the newest issue of a student-run magazine I style for! You should all read through it because it's online and awesomeee (said in singing voice).

it's free and a really great issue!

click here to read!

October 11, 2011

stoop kidz

 Just my housemate and me stoopin' it and cheesin' with some beverages. Oh yeah, and I broke my window. It's all Eli's fault.

Update about yesterdays post...

For some reason, I think the picture below is just hilarious. My friends, however, don't. Therefore, every time I head to Devin's damn bathroom to pee (which is a lot), I get reminded and giggle and piss people off a little because I'm the only one who thinks a quintapus is funny. Yes, I was sober when I can up with the name and realized that the five-armed-outlet in the bathroom reminded me of an octopus minus three tentacles. I often wonder: Did I really put up that clever, silly sign to forever carry-out an inside joke with me, myself, and I? You bet I did. Oh and just a little fun fact: Toy Story band aids are way better than tape. Just sayin.

PS: you should visit my friend Collin's website! He does some really cool custom designs. I've seen em first hand on shoes and shit. They're sweet. Trust me.  CLICK HURRR.


i shall explain more later. until then, ponder this:

October 5, 2011

parties are fun

I love having my own place. Beer-sticky kitchens are my fav.

...then shit got weirdish.

You know, the usual happened: broke a window, posed with dinosaurs and stress balls...and my bike? Boy do I love these guys.