September 5, 2011

wrap it up

Hungry and hungover today, I whipped up something super quick and then went to bed. That is what made up my day; with the most productive points being feeding myself and drinking water. This wrap is similar to another post I did a few months back (with the apple, cream cheese, and turkey combo) but this time I added some onion and changed it to wrap form. Still delicious, obviously.

What you need (all amounts depend on you):
• Tortilla shell
• Apple pieces
• Minced onion
• Turkey slices
• Cream cheese
• Salt and pepper

What you do:
1. Spread a decent amount of cream cheese on the shell
2. Add the apple slices, turkey, onion, salt, and pepper
3. Wrap it up and enjoy!


  1. It looks goooood! I'm hungry now x) Have a look at my new post if you want ;)

  2. I shouldn't look at pictures of food, it just makes me hungry! Looks yummy! :)


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