September 12, 2011

this tastes good, i promise

I'm well aware that this piece of food art looks like a massive pile of vom. I am, however, here to inform ya'll that it does not in any way taste as vomit does. In fact, it tastes like turkey, bbq sauce, cheese, onion, and ranch dressing...oh hey, guess what? That's what it is. What a coincidence. Made this little mess for lunch yesterday and today I think I'm going to try it with chicken instead of turkey. We need to go grocery shopping fo' sho'. I've been eating way too much mac and cheese for my liking.

To make this nonsense you'll need:

• Flour tortilla
• Turkey
• BBQ sauce
• Ranch dressing
• Shredded cheese (whatever you like)
• Diced onions
• Butter
• Pan and some fire
• Spatula or spoon or heat-resistant fingers...whatever works

Prep a tortilla shell by placing some cheese on top o' there

1. Saute the diced onions in about a tablespoon of butter
2. Once cooked, add the slices of turkey (I ripped mine up a little beforehand)
3. Add some BBQ sauce
4. Stir until mixed together
5. Put all of this on your tortilla shell
6. Add a bit more cheese and drizzle on some ranch dressing
7. Wrap it up like the pro-wrapper you are and enjoy while watching Mad Men.

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  1. I am POSITIVE that this tastes great! messes like this usually do!!! Thanks! Farah


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