September 4, 2011

plank of wood

I found a random plank of wood in my room as I was packing up for school. Not sure why, but I took it with me to my new apartment determined that I would be able to make something of it. I was also looking for something snazzy to hang all of my jewelery on. Put two and two together and I made a jewelry display from the wood. At first, I thought it would look fresh just as it was, without paint because it was a light, smooth wood. But I decided to go ahead and paint it using some old acrylic paint I had in my craft box. I choose an off-white and black.

To do this you will need:

• plank of wood
• hammer
• nails of different colors/textures or hooks
• paint that can be used on wood
• newspaper

Then you:

1. Find a work area and lay the newspaper down to avoid a mess.

2. Paint the wood to your liking for aesthetic pleasure. I simply used my hands (and those of Tatiana and Helen) to smear paint helter skelter on the board. I did the white base first and then some black.

3. Let the paint dry

4. Nail the nails and hooks randomly onto the board. (You might even want to lay your jewelry out on the board to know where to put the nails accordingly)

5. Hang up your jewelry! Rings, necklaces, bracelets, random key chains...

6. Clean up yer mess, you lazy bum.


  1. lovely jewelry collection and i love the way it is displayed.

  2. Anonymous9/05/2011

    oooh. love your blog so much!!
    And I love this post really.)

    Can you answer on my question?

    What is your favorite place on earth and why?
    It s really intresting for me, becaurse I love travaling and photo.)

  3. Beaucoup de chose interessantes! Wow!
    Angela Donava

  4. I lovee it !!

  5. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! I loved how you painted that plank gave it an edge...I really loved it...thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! big hug! Farah from

  6. I love this! I have been wanting to make a wall piece for all of my necklaces, just cant find the time! Yours looks great!



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