September 9, 2011


Waking up from a long, long nap, I followed my nose into the kitchen where Helen and her main squeeze, Luke, were whipping up some pasta and an amazing looking sauce. Being good as weaseling my way into situations involving food, I third-wheeled it and dined on a pasta meal made for 20 and a salad with so many toppings I couldn't find my lettuce. Delicious!

PS: Luke-dude here is Campus Cutie for Ohio University's! Check him out here!

Helen is accident-prone.
Salad greens topped with avocado and apple slices and snap peas. Added later: Ranch dressing and garlic salt with a ton of Parmesan cheese for a Garlic-parm-ranch dressing!

Spiral and elbow noodles mixed with Prego sauce...and ground beef, red peppers, diced white onions, and mushrooms. YUM!


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