September 26, 2011


I love the effect given from the hookah smoke. It's slightly eerie, like a ghost, and the sunlight somehow keeps the evil away.

September 21, 2011

butter on toast? pshhh try this instead!

Old school butter and toast will always be a staple in the breakfast world. However, children, it's time for something new. That would be the deliciousness pictured above. Take it in.

To make this you'll need:
• 1 or more slices of bread depending on how loud your stomach is growling
• Cream cheese
• Sunflower seeds*
• Raisins*
• Honey

*These toppings are just the beginning. Try also: apples and walnuts, strawberries and almonds, candied walnuts, banana slices, cinnamon...

Now do dis:
1. Lightly toast the bread
2. Apply cream cheese (wait for the toast to cool a little or else it'll melt)
3. Put your chosen toppings on the cream cheese
4. Drizzle on some honey honey on top n you're done!
5. Optional: enjoy with a ginormous glass of iced coffee

After indulging in this, I was surprisingly full, even after class...and I'm still wide awake thanks to the massive amount of caffeine flowing through my bloooood. Let me know if you try this out and what toppings you choose!

Oh, one more thing:

You're welcome.

September 19, 2011

photos by the talented michelle

Became Kate Moss for my dear friend Michelle Kappeler for one of her photog classes. The theme was black and white and texture. Good thing I have so many sweaters!

Check out her tumblr/portfolio HERE!

September 12, 2011


this tastes good, i promise

I'm well aware that this piece of food art looks like a massive pile of vom. I am, however, here to inform ya'll that it does not in any way taste as vomit does. In fact, it tastes like turkey, bbq sauce, cheese, onion, and ranch dressing...oh hey, guess what? That's what it is. What a coincidence. Made this little mess for lunch yesterday and today I think I'm going to try it with chicken instead of turkey. We need to go grocery shopping fo' sho'. I've been eating way too much mac and cheese for my liking.

To make this nonsense you'll need:

• Flour tortilla
• Turkey
• BBQ sauce
• Ranch dressing
• Shredded cheese (whatever you like)
• Diced onions
• Butter
• Pan and some fire
• Spatula or spoon or heat-resistant fingers...whatever works

Prep a tortilla shell by placing some cheese on top o' there

1. Saute the diced onions in about a tablespoon of butter
2. Once cooked, add the slices of turkey (I ripped mine up a little beforehand)
3. Add some BBQ sauce
4. Stir until mixed together
5. Put all of this on your tortilla shell
6. Add a bit more cheese and drizzle on some ranch dressing
7. Wrap it up like the pro-wrapper you are and enjoy while watching Mad Men.

September 9, 2011


Waking up from a long, long nap, I followed my nose into the kitchen where Helen and her main squeeze, Luke, were whipping up some pasta and an amazing looking sauce. Being good as weaseling my way into situations involving food, I third-wheeled it and dined on a pasta meal made for 20 and a salad with so many toppings I couldn't find my lettuce. Delicious!

PS: Luke-dude here is Campus Cutie for Ohio University's! Check him out here!

Helen is accident-prone.
Salad greens topped with avocado and apple slices and snap peas. Added later: Ranch dressing and garlic salt with a ton of Parmesan cheese for a Garlic-parm-ranch dressing!

Spiral and elbow noodles mixed with Prego sauce...and ground beef, red peppers, diced white onions, and mushrooms. YUM!

September 8, 2011

back to skewl, back to kewl

Celebrated the last few summer nights before fall quarter classes began. I hate that I just used past tense for that sentence.

September 5, 2011

wrap it up

Hungry and hungover today, I whipped up something super quick and then went to bed. That is what made up my day; with the most productive points being feeding myself and drinking water. This wrap is similar to another post I did a few months back (with the apple, cream cheese, and turkey combo) but this time I added some onion and changed it to wrap form. Still delicious, obviously.

What you need (all amounts depend on you):
• Tortilla shell
• Apple pieces
• Minced onion
• Turkey slices
• Cream cheese
• Salt and pepper

What you do:
1. Spread a decent amount of cream cheese on the shell
2. Add the apple slices, turkey, onion, salt, and pepper
3. Wrap it up and enjoy!

September 4, 2011

plank of wood

I found a random plank of wood in my room as I was packing up for school. Not sure why, but I took it with me to my new apartment determined that I would be able to make something of it. I was also looking for something snazzy to hang all of my jewelery on. Put two and two together and I made a jewelry display from the wood. At first, I thought it would look fresh just as it was, without paint because it was a light, smooth wood. But I decided to go ahead and paint it using some old acrylic paint I had in my craft box. I choose an off-white and black.

To do this you will need:

• plank of wood
• hammer
• nails of different colors/textures or hooks
• paint that can be used on wood
• newspaper

Then you:

1. Find a work area and lay the newspaper down to avoid a mess.

2. Paint the wood to your liking for aesthetic pleasure. I simply used my hands (and those of Tatiana and Helen) to smear paint helter skelter on the board. I did the white base first and then some black.

3. Let the paint dry

4. Nail the nails and hooks randomly onto the board. (You might even want to lay your jewelry out on the board to know where to put the nails accordingly)

5. Hang up your jewelry! Rings, necklaces, bracelets, random key chains...

6. Clean up yer mess, you lazy bum.

September 1, 2011

old books

Despite my desperate need for some cash flow, I'm too wary of selling some of my old text books- particularly from my poetry class and ancient history class. Pretty much two of my favorite extra-curricular learning areas. I decided I might as well do something with the books other than look really smart by placing them on a bookshelf. Because smart people have those, you know. It's actually kind of strange how often I go back to reference my ancient history book. I bring that shit up whenever even remotely relevant to conversation. It's great. Anyway, I'm starting a massive wall collage for all my favorite pictures/writings- like a real-life version of my tumblr, except a bit harder to produce. I'm not very far along with additions to the wall because I don't have a printer. Gotta get on that...

But this passage is definitely my favorite from the book, which is of real ancient writings. I've never been happier to purchase a text book for a class and read it. It describes the end of the Battle of Thermopylae where the Spartans meet death (like 300 except real). Check out the quote toward the end by Dieneces about fighting in the shade. It's a true quote that also provided some great comic relief when it was used in the movie.

This haiku was taken from my poetry book. Great class, but the two-hour aspect of it- not so much. Way too long to talk about only Keats and Plath. Not to mention quite depressing. Speaking of depressing, as soon as I read this haiku, I got goosebumps. It's incredible how three little lines can make you feel. Go on, read it. Tell me how it makes you feel.

Finally, I've been meaning to attempt to draw this shot from the April 2010 issue of Interview, but just never got around to it. Someday. I'm hoping that the constant reminder of my failure to complete the drawing as it's slapped up on my wall will procure the process. Obviously this is Freja Beha Erichsen- AKA The Shit.

I'd love to get some more ideas for the wall...anybody have a favorite poem? fashion spread?