August 26, 2011

wake the fuck up: identity fest

Surprisingly, before the show, I saw some kiddos from my high school in the parking lot when Helen went on a mad search for sun screen and saw a fellow red head (who obviously had some). Later on we met a chap named Bartholomew who created some origami swans for us and gave us light-up rings. He was pretty chill, but we ended up losing him to the rush of Rusko. After getting about a gallon of sweat (that's not mine) all over my body from the crowd, it was safe to say I was a little on the dehydrated side of life. Thank goodness for the water bottles that Helen and I continually refilled in the bathroom throughout the long day to night. During one refill-sesh, a nice kid even held the giant beach ball I managed to acquire...and gave it back to me upon exiting the bathroom. Definitely wasn't expecting him or the ball to be there when I came out. I got both. Wanted only the ball. Good deal, good deal. We all ended up smoking way too many cigarettes and collapsing as the last few members of the crowd in the grass and in the dark as the lights went out. That is until security gave us the boot.

journey to print the tickets. we procrastinate.

John is tall.



  1. looks super fun! x

  2. That looks like some crazy mad, super awesome fun!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking blogger bullying

  3. seems like you had so much fun! and omg your friend is so tall!!!

  4. It looks like a lots of fun!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  5. Great BLog!


  6. Sounds like you had a blasty blast! I would love to go to a music festival like that!



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