August 11, 2011

MDBP in Philly

Made the great trek out to Philly this weekend for a free block party and a little friend visitation. The trip began with loud jams, communal peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, revved up kids, and no a/c . It ended with loud jams, a whole lotta Gatorade, sore muscles, smelly kids, and no a/c. Success. As for everything in between, Philly was actually a pretty amazing city and made me realize how much I want a bike after all...although this feeling could have been a result of Jesse's endless rambling about fixie magicalness. Who knows. All I know is I want need a bike to the max bad. In the heat of the afternoon, Eli and I had to have walked over 30 blocks just to satisfy our need for a real Philly cheese steak (with onions of course). We decided to chow down upstairs and saw that the room was super red from a film on the window. That meant picture time of Katie mowin on a sub. How chic...Needless to say, the walk was worth it– especially since ramen, forties, and a pancake made up my diet for the few days before...and after.

Anyway, the main event of the excursion was Mad Decent Block Party where Das Racist and Diplo were performing FO FREEEE. We got more free shit like squirt guns, sun glasses, and some dignity (when our friend made a glorious, post-passed-out at a table comeback). Zing. Squashed, sweaty, flailing bodies followed the comeback as we re-made our way to the massive crowd and pretty much got swallowed in all the people.

The Saturday before the block party, we hit up the Mad Decent Native Pre-Party at Ubiq, which is a snazzy multi-story shoe store downtown. Can't decide if I was digging the featured shoes or not though. Twas pretty fun.


  1. I'm BEYOND jealous that you got to see Diplo for free?! I'm sure it was an amazing time. Thanks for commenting on my blog <3

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion


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