August 21, 2011


I'm officially moved into my new apartment and this shit is super. The kitchen is probably my favorite aspect of the place because I can actually cook food using an oven and stove rather than just a microwave and food from a fridge that is WAYY too small to fit everything I would love to have been eating last year. It was pick and choose what to put in the tiny fridge and pray that there is room for it in the end. If there wasn't, I hoped I was hungry before it went bad. BUT NOW, I have a full sized fridge full of fantastic foods to make. I'm no master chef (to anyone else but me that is), but I do love preparing a full-blown meal and then eating way too much of what I make because I think I'm going to save the leftovers instead of eating them. Shit, I'm about to get real fat.

This is what I made for dinner today:
Chicken breast baked with pesto and served with spaghetti, garlic basil sauce, and alfredo.
As you can probably tell by all the ingredients, I couldn't decide on a I went with all of them in one meal. Turned out well!

The meal is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case...

What you need:
• chicken breast
• spaghetti noodles
• alfredo sauce
• pesto
• spaghetti sauce
• lemon (optional)

What you do:
• Smother the entire chicken breast with pesto before cooking
• While in the oven, prepare your spaghetti
• Pile a heaping "single serving" of the noodles onto your plate
• Smother with both sauces
• Top with the chicken
• Drizzle with fresh lemon juice


Other than making a lot of random meals just because I can, I'm watching a whole lotta Mad Men, jumping at my own shadows, and making friends with people with roofs. I'm gonna go break down some boxes now.

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