August 1, 2011

egyptian finds

I’ve always been pretty in love with ancient Egyptian culture from the pyramids and hieroglyphics to mummification and canopic jars. After staying with my dear gal Helen and indulging in pancakes at her grandmother’s house, I couldn’t stop blabbering on about the worldly items collected from her travels that were displayed throughout her home. Not too long after our pancake breakfast, Mama passed away and since then, I’ve been helping Helen and her family out a bit with the aftermath (mostly condolences and being there even though I’m pretty bad at knowing what to do). After emptying the AMAZING, carved, wooden jewelry chests and setting the insides on the table, I wasn't really surprised to see a bazillion sweet pieces of jewelry. (Which made me like Mama even more than when I met her that single time. She was one awesome lady.) One of the pieces I was oohing and awing over the most is pictured. It's a double-sided necklace charm from Egypt with Queen Nefertiti on one side and Akhenaten on the other. So in other words, the coolest necklace I could ever wear and now own thanks to Helen and her mom deciding that I should have it to keep. Now around my neck almost every single day, it's a super special and super snazzy piece of jewelry.


  1. What an amazing piece of jewelry! I swear, the most unique jewelry comes from your relatives or vintage stores. Looks great on you, I've also always been an Egypt lover myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

  2. I love the intricacy of Egyptian necklaces! The tiny carvings and symbols add a unique touch. The one you're wearing is gorgeous!



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