August 31, 2011

all about the tomato

I'm slowly but surely becoming obsessed with tomatoes and using them every chance I come across when I'm making food. With only one more left in my fridge, I'm a little disappointed with how I'm stocking such an obsession, but I'll become an obsession-pro in due time. Don't you worry. After staying out last night until about five in the morning without realizing it, I decided that I was going to give myself a little treat and let my body sleep in for once. Pshh actually it's like an everyday kind of ordeal, but no one needs to know that- I'm just giving myself an excuse. Anyway, after sleeping in for forever, breakfast was in order. Craving me ole' tomato, I whipped up some eggs, toasted a bagel, sliced a tomato, and grabbed the cheddar cause it was time to chow. After brewing a cup of coffee, I topped the bagel halves with the egg, cheese, tomato, and lots of salt and pepper then diligently photographed it for you folks even though I was positively ravenous and ready to attack the meal. It was dangerous and very stressful to hold back.

PS: It was delicious. You should make this. Maybe butter the bagel first though...that would be good.

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