August 31, 2011

all about the tomato

I'm slowly but surely becoming obsessed with tomatoes and using them every chance I come across when I'm making food. With only one more left in my fridge, I'm a little disappointed with how I'm stocking such an obsession, but I'll become an obsession-pro in due time. Don't you worry. After staying out last night until about five in the morning without realizing it, I decided that I was going to give myself a little treat and let my body sleep in for once. Pshh actually it's like an everyday kind of ordeal, but no one needs to know that- I'm just giving myself an excuse. Anyway, after sleeping in for forever, breakfast was in order. Craving me ole' tomato, I whipped up some eggs, toasted a bagel, sliced a tomato, and grabbed the cheddar cause it was time to chow. After brewing a cup of coffee, I topped the bagel halves with the egg, cheese, tomato, and lots of salt and pepper then diligently photographed it for you folks even though I was positively ravenous and ready to attack the meal. It was dangerous and very stressful to hold back.

PS: It was delicious. You should make this. Maybe butter the bagel first though...that would be good.

August 26, 2011

wake the fuck up: identity fest

Surprisingly, before the show, I saw some kiddos from my high school in the parking lot when Helen went on a mad search for sun screen and saw a fellow red head (who obviously had some). Later on we met a chap named Bartholomew who created some origami swans for us and gave us light-up rings. He was pretty chill, but we ended up losing him to the rush of Rusko. After getting about a gallon of sweat (that's not mine) all over my body from the crowd, it was safe to say I was a little on the dehydrated side of life. Thank goodness for the water bottles that Helen and I continually refilled in the bathroom throughout the long day to night. During one refill-sesh, a nice kid even held the giant beach ball I managed to acquire...and gave it back to me upon exiting the bathroom. Definitely wasn't expecting him or the ball to be there when I came out. I got both. Wanted only the ball. Good deal, good deal. We all ended up smoking way too many cigarettes and collapsing as the last few members of the crowd in the grass and in the dark as the lights went out. That is until security gave us the boot.

journey to print the tickets. we procrastinate.

John is tall.


August 23, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

This morning I awoke to knocking at my door from a bug dude needing to spray around the apartment. I was going to offer him some coffee...and then I realized it was 30 minutes after noon. A little late for a morning cup o' joe. Although I'm sure he would have appreciated it just the same now that I think about it. Anyway, I decided it was about time to just stay awake and as my tummy rumbled uncontrollably, I chose to whip up a breakfast burrito using some of the leftover items in my kitchen I getting sick of using for the usual suspects.

Leftovers consisted of:
• black beans
• shredded cheddar
• a tablespoon of salsa that I put back in the fridge thinking there was more
• tomato wedge

To the above I added:
• tortilla shell
• an egg
• salt and pepper
• dollop of sour cream

Throw it all together, and that was my breakfast burrito!

It would be easy to make this in a dorm room with only a microwave. Just make the eggs in the microwave and put it all together.

August 21, 2011


I'm officially moved into my new apartment and this shit is super. The kitchen is probably my favorite aspect of the place because I can actually cook food using an oven and stove rather than just a microwave and food from a fridge that is WAYY too small to fit everything I would love to have been eating last year. It was pick and choose what to put in the tiny fridge and pray that there is room for it in the end. If there wasn't, I hoped I was hungry before it went bad. BUT NOW, I have a full sized fridge full of fantastic foods to make. I'm no master chef (to anyone else but me that is), but I do love preparing a full-blown meal and then eating way too much of what I make because I think I'm going to save the leftovers instead of eating them. Shit, I'm about to get real fat.

This is what I made for dinner today:
Chicken breast baked with pesto and served with spaghetti, garlic basil sauce, and alfredo.
As you can probably tell by all the ingredients, I couldn't decide on a I went with all of them in one meal. Turned out well!

The meal is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case...

What you need:
• chicken breast
• spaghetti noodles
• alfredo sauce
• pesto
• spaghetti sauce
• lemon (optional)

What you do:
• Smother the entire chicken breast with pesto before cooking
• While in the oven, prepare your spaghetti
• Pile a heaping "single serving" of the noodles onto your plate
• Smother with both sauces
• Top with the chicken
• Drizzle with fresh lemon juice


Other than making a lot of random meals just because I can, I'm watching a whole lotta Mad Men, jumping at my own shadows, and making friends with people with roofs. I'm gonna go break down some boxes now.

August 16, 2011

oh, hey, 4am. you suck.

My very long list of to-do for tomorrow. I tried to make it personalized by pretty much talking to myself for a semi-encouraging effect, but I'm certain I'll probably just end up hating on my third person. Looks like I might be moving "coffee break" to spot number 1 and every number in between. And with that I'll be adding pee breaks. Oh this is all my fault.

August 11, 2011

MDBP in Philly

Made the great trek out to Philly this weekend for a free block party and a little friend visitation. The trip began with loud jams, communal peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, revved up kids, and no a/c . It ended with loud jams, a whole lotta Gatorade, sore muscles, smelly kids, and no a/c. Success. As for everything in between, Philly was actually a pretty amazing city and made me realize how much I want a bike after all...although this feeling could have been a result of Jesse's endless rambling about fixie magicalness. Who knows. All I know is I want need a bike to the max bad. In the heat of the afternoon, Eli and I had to have walked over 30 blocks just to satisfy our need for a real Philly cheese steak (with onions of course). We decided to chow down upstairs and saw that the room was super red from a film on the window. That meant picture time of Katie mowin on a sub. How chic...Needless to say, the walk was worth it– especially since ramen, forties, and a pancake made up my diet for the few days before...and after.

Anyway, the main event of the excursion was Mad Decent Block Party where Das Racist and Diplo were performing FO FREEEE. We got more free shit like squirt guns, sun glasses, and some dignity (when our friend made a glorious, post-passed-out at a table comeback). Zing. Squashed, sweaty, flailing bodies followed the comeback as we re-made our way to the massive crowd and pretty much got swallowed in all the people.

The Saturday before the block party, we hit up the Mad Decent Native Pre-Party at Ubiq, which is a snazzy multi-story shoe store downtown. Can't decide if I was digging the featured shoes or not though. Twas pretty fun.

August 1, 2011

egyptian finds

I’ve always been pretty in love with ancient Egyptian culture from the pyramids and hieroglyphics to mummification and canopic jars. After staying with my dear gal Helen and indulging in pancakes at her grandmother’s house, I couldn’t stop blabbering on about the worldly items collected from her travels that were displayed throughout her home. Not too long after our pancake breakfast, Mama passed away and since then, I’ve been helping Helen and her family out a bit with the aftermath (mostly condolences and being there even though I’m pretty bad at knowing what to do). After emptying the AMAZING, carved, wooden jewelry chests and setting the insides on the table, I wasn't really surprised to see a bazillion sweet pieces of jewelry. (Which made me like Mama even more than when I met her that single time. She was one awesome lady.) One of the pieces I was oohing and awing over the most is pictured. It's a double-sided necklace charm from Egypt with Queen Nefertiti on one side and Akhenaten on the other. So in other words, the coolest necklace I could ever wear and now own thanks to Helen and her mom deciding that I should have it to keep. Now around my neck almost every single day, it's a super special and super snazzy piece of jewelry.