July 30, 2011

wake up in the mornin, feelin like bobby flay

Today is my day to do pretty much nothing and I'm not going to make the most of that ability. I just had a big, homemade breakfast and I'm about to get shit DONE. Maybe.
In the meantime, I thought I would share with you the glorious breakfast in which I just indulged. I guess this is like an egg pancake?

What you'll need:
• 1-2 eggs (depending on how hungry you are)
• Diced tomatoes (about 2 tbsp.)
• Minced Onion (about 1 tbsp.)
• Salt and Pepper
• Feta cheese

• Stove and small cooking pan
• Olive oil or Pam cooking spray
• Fork/Whisk
• Small bowl
• Spatula
• Cutting board and knife

Optional, but highly suggested:
• Toast
• Princess plate
• Cup o' Joe

What you do:
1. Dice up the tomatoes and mice those onions
2. Turn the stove to a medium temp and place your greased up pan on top
3. Whisk your eggs until blended
4. Add salt, pepper, tomatoes, and onions
5. Dump into the pan
6. Let this sit until cooked on one side, and partially through to the other**
     (**If you do not wait, liquid-style egg will go flying when you attempt to flip this mess)
7. Sprinkle on some feta cheese
8. Good, you were patient. Now, flip the monstrosity of an egg concoction
9. Let it cook to your liking
10. Place on plate and pair with toast and cup of coffee
11. Eat.
12. Induce food coma

Hints for this breakfast:
• Experiment with what you add to the egg. I think yellow or red pepper, spinach, and/or some ham or bacon would be pretty good. Just depends on what ya like.
• Try it as a sandwich with your slices of toast!
• Do not, I repeat DO NOT think you are an awesome "food flipper" and try to show off to your surprisingly-still-good-looking-in-the-morning-one-night-stand, etc. You will look stupid performing step 8. Trust me.


  1. Looks delicious - I suspect I will be trying this for tomorrow morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now - want to follow me back? :)

    xx from Montreal,


  2. hmmm i could so eat this right now!

    I think i may have to try this! Especially as i am a student and the worse cook in the world!


  3. it looks huge and yummy!! I have never put feta cheese on my eggs, I have to try that.
    My favorite eggs come with spinach,mushrooms and melted swiss cheese..ugh! HEAVEN!

  4. This looks so good! yummy!

  5. looks very Jummie!
    lisa x


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