July 18, 2011

string braids

My sister and I were sitting merrily on the beach when she asked me what she should do next with her hair. Recently, she has done feathers (and then the feather trend blew up, so of course she can't do that anymore), beads, and random braids, so it was a little hard to think of yet another thing she could add to her already crazy hair antics. I eagerly suggested dreads because, honestly, I'm not one to pull those off and she is going to be a freshman in high school, so bing bang boom, appropriate for her young atmosphere. Then late last night it occurred to me to attempt something a tid bit simpler than crazy dreads, so I opted to get some string scraps from recent friendship bracelet adventures and braided them into my hair. I think the result is actually pretty cool and I look forward to messing around with this style a bit more.

To do this yourself:

you'll need...
• about a foot of colorful string (depending on the length of your hair)

then you...
• gather a small amount of hair (i chose underneath) and tie one end of the string as close to your roots as possible
• begin to braid the string into your hair as if it were one of the three sections for the braid. I even wrapped it around 2 or 3 times in some areas to make it look messy and less braid-like.
• when you reach about 3 inches from the end of your hair, wrap the string around the braid and knot the string around the braid (kind of like a hair wrap)

all done! I'm looking forward to adding more colors or even multiple colorful braids!


  1. love the string braids!!! such a cute way to accessorize too!

  2. I like it. neat idea. Feathers are overdone.


  3. Cool look!


  4. Love the hair :)

  5. cool tutorial! i will now follow you!

  6. It looks great! Love your blog- following :) xxx


  7. ooooo. this looks so...cool :)


  8. love your braid in your hair !

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  9. Thanks for commenting & following my blog!!! I'm following you too!!! Love this!!!! I remember getting one put in my hair while on vacation in Mexico. I loved it!!!
    Thanks again!!!


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