July 30, 2011

hanger time

Felt crafty again tonight and after taking a look on Mallorie's tumblr, I came across an image of sunglasses hanging on a wire hanger. I really liked the vintage look of it, and I'm always looking for great ways to display all of my accessories- especially since I'll be kickin it in my apartment within the next few weeks. Not only was it totally free, but it was easy. I like both of those aspects a whole lot. In fact, I was going to make another one, considering I just kind of went with the flow on this one and kept changing the final product until I just decided I really needed to stop doing that...(there is more than one hanger in my room and a shit ton of string and fabric scraps so it's not like this is the one and only one I can create!) In that case, I was going to start another one, but frankly, I'm beat. (Yes, wrapping string around a hanger is too difficult at this point in my life, leave me alone.) So, I'll make a better one tomorrow. i'm not too crazy bout this one.

What you'll need:
1. a wire hanger
2. fabric scraps and string (mine is like friendship bracelet string)
3. fun accessories to add (earrings mostly)

What you do:
1. Take 6 pieces of string (about 4'' longer than the hanger on each end)
2. leaving the extra 4'' free, tie a knot on one end and braid until you have another 4'' left on the other end, then tie another knot.
3. Set aside.
4. Grab your hanger and randomly wrap string around in in different spots to add some color
5. Attach your braid to both corners of the hanger
6. Tie string in front of each of the braid attachments so that the braid doesn't slide
7. Hang your accessories (the braid works even for post earrings!)

PS: When hanging this, I suggest stabilizing you hanger somehow so you don't have to worry about performing balancing acts with your earrings because one side is way too heavy.

Daz it. Good luck, kiddo.

While you're doing this, I suggest having a good playlist. Duh. Here was mine:


  1. This is so cool ! I like it ! :)


  2. The end product looks so neat! I really like it...definitely gonna try it..thanks!

  3. I like your taste in music =) Thumbs up!


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