July 17, 2011

fabric book cover

Hello, all! I'm always up for free shiz, so when my old roommate offered up one of her old notebooks, I just couldn't object. Sadly, it had the Planters logo on the cover and that just wasn't so fly with me. I told myself I would simply place a piece of fabric over the logo to cover it and, viola!, a brand new, snazzy-dazzy notebook. Pshh yeah right, just ended up covering it two months later- not sayin that it doesn't look fabulous though...in my non-humble option of craft-time success. 

Exhibit A: Outside cover and chic silver nail polish 

Exhibit B: Interior glue-job mess

To do this yourself...

you'll need:
• a notebook..doh
• a piece of fabric (mine was a scrap..maybe 12"x12''?)
• Krazy glue
• scissors

then you...
fold the fabric in half and glue the edge along the...seem? the edge with the holes? yeah, do that. then press it while drying (about 30 seconds)
• fold the edges over to the inside and glue down kind of like wrapping present. (see pic 2 above)
• use scissors to trim excess and make it look semi-neat...unless you're a slob and want to show it through your unfantastic gluing skills (like me, except i didn't have a choice.)

VIOLA! chic and cute, non-peanut advertising notebook all in about 5 minutes.


PS: Seeing as I'm so motivated today (covered a book, cut my own hair, packed for school, painted my nails, made guacamole) I've yet another DIY for you tomorrow... super easy and it's for your hair!

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