July 31, 2011

MR Magnus Rex

Since we gals and guys were already downtown, we decided to scoot over (after breakfast of course) to the set of Dark Knight, which is filming in Pittsburgh. Nothing extreme really happened at all except for seeing a bit of the Bat Mobile from afar and feeling pretty bad for the actors who probably had to dress like it was winter in the 90 degree weather considering there was fake snow on the building. Nothing was happening and we go too hot, so we stuck our feet in the fountain before whisking off to get smelly Elijah back to work in time. Actually we all smelled. I reallyyy wish I could have seen them filming Perks of Being a Wallflower because, well, I pretty much would have just loved that with all my heart. 


Time to go cover some more notebooks cause I lost my other one already...oops.

July 30, 2011

wake up in the mornin, feelin like bobby flay

Today is my day to do pretty much nothing and I'm not going to make the most of that ability. I just had a big, homemade breakfast and I'm about to get shit DONE. Maybe.
In the meantime, I thought I would share with you the glorious breakfast in which I just indulged. I guess this is like an egg pancake?

What you'll need:
• 1-2 eggs (depending on how hungry you are)
• Diced tomatoes (about 2 tbsp.)
• Minced Onion (about 1 tbsp.)
• Salt and Pepper
• Feta cheese

• Stove and small cooking pan
• Olive oil or Pam cooking spray
• Fork/Whisk
• Small bowl
• Spatula
• Cutting board and knife

Optional, but highly suggested:
• Toast
• Princess plate
• Cup o' Joe

What you do:
1. Dice up the tomatoes and mice those onions
2. Turn the stove to a medium temp and place your greased up pan on top
3. Whisk your eggs until blended
4. Add salt, pepper, tomatoes, and onions
5. Dump into the pan
6. Let this sit until cooked on one side, and partially through to the other**
     (**If you do not wait, liquid-style egg will go flying when you attempt to flip this mess)
7. Sprinkle on some feta cheese
8. Good, you were patient. Now, flip the monstrosity of an egg concoction
9. Let it cook to your liking
10. Place on plate and pair with toast and cup of coffee
11. Eat.
12. Induce food coma

Hints for this breakfast:
• Experiment with what you add to the egg. I think yellow or red pepper, spinach, and/or some ham or bacon would be pretty good. Just depends on what ya like.
• Try it as a sandwich with your slices of toast!
• Do not, I repeat DO NOT think you are an awesome "food flipper" and try to show off to your surprisingly-still-good-looking-in-the-morning-one-night-stand, etc. You will look stupid performing step 8. Trust me.

hanger time

Felt crafty again tonight and after taking a look on Mallorie's tumblr, I came across an image of sunglasses hanging on a wire hanger. I really liked the vintage look of it, and I'm always looking for great ways to display all of my accessories- especially since I'll be kickin it in my apartment within the next few weeks. Not only was it totally free, but it was easy. I like both of those aspects a whole lot. In fact, I was going to make another one, considering I just kind of went with the flow on this one and kept changing the final product until I just decided I really needed to stop doing that...(there is more than one hanger in my room and a shit ton of string and fabric scraps so it's not like this is the one and only one I can create!) In that case, I was going to start another one, but frankly, I'm beat. (Yes, wrapping string around a hanger is too difficult at this point in my life, leave me alone.) So, I'll make a better one tomorrow. i'm not too crazy bout this one.

What you'll need:
1. a wire hanger
2. fabric scraps and string (mine is like friendship bracelet string)
3. fun accessories to add (earrings mostly)

What you do:
1. Take 6 pieces of string (about 4'' longer than the hanger on each end)
2. leaving the extra 4'' free, tie a knot on one end and braid until you have another 4'' left on the other end, then tie another knot.
3. Set aside.
4. Grab your hanger and randomly wrap string around in in different spots to add some color
5. Attach your braid to both corners of the hanger
6. Tie string in front of each of the braid attachments so that the braid doesn't slide
7. Hang your accessories (the braid works even for post earrings!)

PS: When hanging this, I suggest stabilizing you hanger somehow so you don't have to worry about performing balancing acts with your earrings because one side is way too heavy.

Daz it. Good luck, kiddo.

While you're doing this, I suggest having a good playlist. Duh. Here was mine:

July 28, 2011

like any other wednesday

Yesterday I finally, finally had a day off and all to myself- minus carting my dad around to an appointment he didn't even end up having. Seeing as I was already up (and pops owed me big), Father and I decided on some good old breakfast at Eat n Park- free coffee refills are bomb. While downing eggs, sausage, and home fries, I wanted to make the most of my glorious day, and called up a few friends to relive the Pawnd days of glory. The pictures speak for themselves. Obviously epic as ever and no shame in continuing to swim in a stagnant pool of h2o. The glory day ended with a nice porch session and a great dane puppy named something I don't remember. Woot.

July 18, 2011

string braids

My sister and I were sitting merrily on the beach when she asked me what she should do next with her hair. Recently, she has done feathers (and then the feather trend blew up, so of course she can't do that anymore), beads, and random braids, so it was a little hard to think of yet another thing she could add to her already crazy hair antics. I eagerly suggested dreads because, honestly, I'm not one to pull those off and she is going to be a freshman in high school, so bing bang boom, appropriate for her young atmosphere. Then late last night it occurred to me to attempt something a tid bit simpler than crazy dreads, so I opted to get some string scraps from recent friendship bracelet adventures and braided them into my hair. I think the result is actually pretty cool and I look forward to messing around with this style a bit more.

To do this yourself:

you'll need...
• about a foot of colorful string (depending on the length of your hair)

then you...
• gather a small amount of hair (i chose underneath) and tie one end of the string as close to your roots as possible
• begin to braid the string into your hair as if it were one of the three sections for the braid. I even wrapped it around 2 or 3 times in some areas to make it look messy and less braid-like.
• when you reach about 3 inches from the end of your hair, wrap the string around the braid and knot the string around the braid (kind of like a hair wrap)

all done! I'm looking forward to adding more colors or even multiple colorful braids!

July 17, 2011

fabric book cover

Hello, all! I'm always up for free shiz, so when my old roommate offered up one of her old notebooks, I just couldn't object. Sadly, it had the Planters logo on the cover and that just wasn't so fly with me. I told myself I would simply place a piece of fabric over the logo to cover it and, viola!, a brand new, snazzy-dazzy notebook. Pshh yeah right, just ended up covering it two months later- not sayin that it doesn't look fabulous though...in my non-humble option of craft-time success. 

Exhibit A: Outside cover and chic silver nail polish 

Exhibit B: Interior glue-job mess

To do this yourself...

you'll need:
• a notebook..doh
• a piece of fabric (mine was a scrap..maybe 12"x12''?)
• Krazy glue
• scissors

then you...
fold the fabric in half and glue the edge along the...seem? the edge with the holes? yeah, do that. then press it while drying (about 30 seconds)
• fold the edges over to the inside and glue down kind of like wrapping present. (see pic 2 above)
• use scissors to trim excess and make it look semi-neat...unless you're a slob and want to show it through your unfantastic gluing skills (like me, except i didn't have a choice.)

VIOLA! chic and cute, non-peanut advertising notebook all in about 5 minutes.


PS: Seeing as I'm so motivated today (covered a book, cut my own hair, packed for school, painted my nails, made guacamole) I've yet another DIY for you tomorrow... super easy and it's for your hair!

July 13, 2011

beach diary

Currently on a mini vacation with my family and a few of our neighbors. Waffles this morning were followed by a jet skiing session and complaining from my father because he had the slowest one. The hot tub is too hot for my sun burn and no matter how much sunscreen I slather upon every crevice of my body, i manage to get burned in the strangest places (aka behind the top of my ears). Meanwhile, despite all of these tiny mishaps, hell, I'm on the beach and that's enough for me. Apparently our soccer team just scored and father just scared the SHIT out of me with an enormous cheer. Heart. Is. Racing. Sports suck.