June 30, 2011

obsessed...just a little bit

So I recently got a tumblr page and I'm kind of obsessed with finding totally fantastic images or quotes to add to my page. Nevertheless, scarily, my page posting is not where it stops. I've becoming blatantly delirious with searching through a variety of tattoo blogs, so much so, that I wouldn't even be unhappy with a whole sleeve of crazy tattoos right now. For now that is, which kind of defeats the whole permanent aspect of a tattoo, which I think is why most of em are so badass and stigmatic at the same time in he first place. I've started to think collect some really jazzy ideas because well (LIKE A BLACKLIGHT TATTOO THAT SAYS "LUMOS" OMGGGG), I have the locations for the tattoos I want, but frankly I have no tattoos to get needled in said locations. Now I feel a little better about it all. Anyone have any tats they want to share? I'll be sure to upload them and link you in the post I'll add them to.

These are just a few of my favs:

white ink feather-

All is Vanity painting-


  1. wow love the white feather!


  2. That white feather is unique. Really liking it



  3. love the feather tattoo! xx


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