June 23, 2011

just some things

This summer I was fortunate enough to acquire an internship at a magazine in my area. Not paid, naturally, but then again...that's a rarity in my life anyway, so it wasn't really something I was concerned with. The first day, I was supa dupa nervous out of my mind because not only am I a fashion editorial intern, which means I have to look absolutely perfecto on the first day to impress and not look as if I'm trying too hard to do so, but I also have to make a good impression by proving to them that I was the right choice out of all the other applicants. I mean, honestly, I'm sure these thoughts go through anybody's (right) mind when he or she is about to embark on a grand adventure into the real world even though sometimes it stereotypically ends it getting coffee orders right and learning how to scan things. Lucky for me, that's not the case. In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with a few tips that I'm slowly procuring as my internship goes on and on and on. I'll probably add more random tips in future posts as I learn them (and hopefully not the hard way).

1. As everyone knows, bring flats if you're going to wear heels. I drive there, so I don't do much walking other than in the office. HOWEVER, you WILL be sent on errands. Bring comfy shoes.

2. Don't go out the night before. Always be fresh and ready to go the next morning to make the best of your experience and perform tasks well.

3. Ask questions...and not the night before your first day! Some questions you may want to ask are :
        Should I bring my lap top?
        What is the appropriate office attire?
        What kind of parking is available?
        Is there anything extra I might want to bring?
        What do you suggest for lunch time?
        How do I get there, what building is it? (research the directions and ask if you have questions, you don't want to be late because you got lost! I couldn't find the address when I google mapped the office and meanwhile, I had to use a different address in order for it to work...whoops!)
        What kind of tasks should I expect?
4. I suggest planning ahead with some Advil. Computer screens all day sometimes can give ya a headache!

5. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification. You want to make sure that you're doing a task correctly. You're usually doing the grunt work, so the less work your boss has to do and the more you do right, the better and happier everyone is! Yay!

6. Always smile, greet, introduce, and try to know and get along with everyone in the office. Even though your priority is working with and for your boss, being the office's favorite or most likable intern is never a bad thing! So work your loveable charm and be nice!

7. Don't forget coffee. Crucial, I swear.

8. Get up early so you have time for mistakes and random setbacks (like not being able to find a clean pair of underwear because SOMEONE didn't unpack from college yet...)

That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions or whatnot and maybe I can include them in the future! These are also just from what I've been experiencing and I feel like they're good tips, so obviously don't listen to my babbling mouth if you've been told otherwise by the higher-ups.

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