June 6, 2011

college life: pasta is important

If there is one thing you should have in stock, it's pasta. Particularly a variety pack that includes elbow, bow tie, spiral, etc. (obviously it doesn't matter, but frankly it makes eating pasta almost every day a little more excited when you can switch up the noodle shape).

A lot of my friends market a surprised look on their faces when I offer to make them pasta in my microwave. Little do they know, yes it is possible. In fact, after I got the whole 'making pasta in the microwave without it over flowing everywhere' thing down, I was able to start making my own concoctions- and let me inform you, the possibilities are quite endless- even if you have limited cooking supplies.

Now, unlike a good blogger, I devoured my food first and THEN thought to tell readers about it, so alas, I have no pictures. However, I suppose they aren't that important...but really they are because I normally choose what I want to make based on how the finished product looks. I'm a visual type of gal. Despite this, I'll share two impromptu recipes tomorrow for some extremely simple lunches that I whipped up not ten minutes ago.

First of all...you need to know how to make pasta in the microwave. There are lots of tutorials online, but I found that a bit of tweaking resulted in better product.

Making pasta in the microwave:

1. Find a microwavable bowl (these Solo bowls are fantastic for single servings!)

2. Add 1 serving of noodles and fill the bowl with water about a centimeter above the noodles

3. Cover with a paper plate/ unsealed lid/ etc. and microwave for 5 minutes, stirring every two minutes

4. Leave pasta covered in the microwave to steam cook the noodles until al dente.

Add butter and salt for starters or some pasta sauce if you have any! Simple. Simple. Simple.

I'll expose you to some pretty good mac and cheese that I made today sometime tomorrow...

Enjoy for now!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I really like your blog..especially the food posts..yum!
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  2. Anonymous6/07/2011

    Aww so amazing you have this food related post and the one I just posted is about that fortunately I remembered to take photos before eating! I love pasta and I had heard before about doing it in the microwave which seems very time saving and efficient but I dont feel so comfortable doing it that way :/ Maybe you should try more recipes for the microwave. I have a book that contains a section on that.. pretty amazing things but I think I would rather stick with the 'old style' hah. Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for your comment on my blog! xoxo <3


  3. thanks for stopping by :)

  4. you made me lol. love your witty style of writing! but seriously.. I'll think I'll stick to the traditional way of cooking pasta lol

  5. haha if you can stick to the original method i highly advise it! i have dorm problems..but not for too much longer..phew!


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