May 9, 2011

*sniff, *sniff

I miss my long hair. Boo.
Any suggestions to make it grow faster? 
I feel like it's giving up on me.


  1. you could try prenatal vitamins? I took them for my skin and nails one summer and my hair grew like a weed

  2. You're very pretty!

  3. You are beautiful.. your eye color! I heard birth control pills in the shampoo makes your hair grow super fast but I'm not sure (although everyone says that). I want longer hair too :c

  4. yeah vitamins totally help doll!! jst leave it really try not to colour it much and the obvious don't trim it for ages!! i chopped my hair short short concave bob style almost 4 years ago..had a total love hate with it ;) but haven't done anything to it since and now its down to my ass!



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