May 9, 2011

delicious sandwich to try

A scrumptious, easy sandwich to make!

Two slices of bread (I suggest wheat)
1 green apple, sliced
Salt and Pepper
*Dijon Mustard (optional)
Cream Cheese (about a tablespoon)

Get to Work:
1. Toast yo bread
2. Lay out your toast and top it with turkey and apple slices
3. On the opposite piece, layer on the cream cheese and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper
*4. Slap on some Dijon mustard, or dip it!
5. Put the two halves together and cut to your liking (you know you're picky)
6. Devour

*sniff, *sniff

I miss my long hair. Boo.
Any suggestions to make it grow faster? 
I feel like it's giving up on me.