February 16, 2011

valentines day goodness

Hello all!

Of course many of us chose to observe the highly debated holiday of Valentines Day. At first, I didn't think I had an actual valentine as I asked every one of my friends to "be mine". When a friend started saying he had something for me for Valentines Day, the panic began and I had to whip up something quick and cute!

On a lucky note, however, I recently came up with the idea of a Cupids Arrow and how cute it would be to give in place of a normal card. With that, I found an "arrow looking" stick in the grass on campus and went to work! (luckily the only material I didn't have in my room was a stick...easy!)
I failed miserably with taking step by step photos of the process because... well, I just plain forgot that it would be a good idea. Nevertheless, I have a picture of the final product and I trust that you are smart enough to figure out how to complete it!


What you'll need
1. A medium sized stick (about half an inch wide and 2 ft long)
2. Red, white, and pink string or yarn
3. Red felt
4. A sheet of paper
5. A pen
6. A lighter
7. A needle with a giant eye (for the yarn/string)

1. Start by wrapping you're yarn/string around the stick in various spots until it reaches about an inch of color.

2. Cut out two matching felt hearts (about two inches wide, this will be the arrow head)

3. Begin to sew the edges of your two hearts together with pink string/yarn starting at the v-dip of the heart. Before reaching your start point, slip the bottom of the stick into the top of the heart and wrap the remaining string/yarn around the stick until firmly attached.

4. Cut out two 3-4 inch long trapezoid shapes out of the felt.

5. Attach the bases of the trapezoid pieces by a single string stitching through both of the trapezoid edges and around the stick.

6. Rip each side off of a piece of paper so you are left with a 5X7 "note"

7. Carefully and slightly, burn the edges of the note with a lighter.

8. Write what you wish inside the note. For example, mine says "You've been struck. Be mine?"

9. Roll the note up and attach it to the arrow with a piece of string/warn

*10. For extra awesomeness, attach a bag of candy along with the note!


Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!!


  1. it's so beautiful thank you for the tutorial :)


  2. I LOVE THIS! the uniqueness, the anti-cliche of it, the final product. plus, it's veryyy cute! I shall do this next year! thanks for the idea :)

  3. how cute :)
    happy belated Valentine's!

  4. awh, even though valentines day is over, this is too cute to not do. I plan on working on it tonight :)


  5. This is pretty cool, I wish I saw it sooner, haha. I'm following now, I hope you follow me too!


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