January 11, 2011


As of late, I have been feeling rather like a walking coat rack on the sidewalks. SO MANY LAYERS- and I'm such a bitchin' baby about the cold. Pretty sure I'm about to start wearing ski goggles around so my eyes will stop watering and maybe then, I'll actually be able to see where I'm walking and, in return, not bump into people, spill my coffee, and then fall on icy bricks. Wouldn't life be wonderful then? Instead I'll probably just hide out in my room fearing the winter world outside my 9th story window...so far away and warm.

In the mean time, I feel like my poetry class is rubbing off on me in many ways. For one thing, I tend to make poems out of every situation I'm in. Example A is my horrid, unbearable philosophy class. However, I will not share that terrible Silverstein-like work because, well, frankly I think I threw it away after class was over.

2 minutes later...

Yes, upon the careful inspection of the crumpled "notes" in my purse, I can confirm that the extraordinary poem has been placed into my empty coffee cup and placed in the trash on my way out the door. No regrets. I'm sure there will be many more of such travesties to come. Anyhow, I also find that writing poetry can be quite a nice way to make the simple things in life important. I'll probably add a poem in a later post just cause I wanna be all professional-like and whatnot and revise, revise, revise! No, not really. I just don't feel like typing it. Lazy ass.

PS. DOES THIS FONT MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I'M SHOUTING?? I just really like to read big letters, it makes it look like less is there. And makes me feel like I'm in first grade again...which is nice. 


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  1. Wow...you make me feel like a sad little thing for complaining so much about the cold down here in Florida! But it really really is cold...I promise! Warm wishes to you!


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