June 10, 2010


Had my last final of the week yesterday and then it was off to HOME! After being home for memorial day weekend, I was so depressed heading back to school for two more weeks, one of then being a finals week, that I just couldn't wait to be home. Nikki, Sarah, and I sat speechless for an entire three point five hour car ride. However, of course, now that I am home, I wish to be nowhere but back at school again. Now I can't wait until fall. I really wish I would have stayed for just one more night, but then again, that could have made it worse because I probably would have had a blast with everyone instead of just being sad to leave after testing. Good fun is always so hard to part with. On that note, I suppose it's good that I parted with the campus when I did. On the plus side, a lot of the girls that go to school with me live pretty close to me back home, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get through summer without a taste of school. I am missing Jared already though and sadly, he is not close to me at all- more like opposite coasts. Time zones, distance, rough patches, and nervousness do not make for good things to come. However I'm planning on flying out to see him for a few days so I'm hoping that will satisfy until school begins again and I get to be with him. Now that summer's here, I'm ready to begin the long, heated, and intertwining days. Too bad I have to put that on hold and unpack first. Priorities, you know.


  1. I like the pattern of the skirt!

  2. great skirt! :)

  3. Love the knit top! i've been looking around for a similar kind of sweater.
    Stunning post lovely one!

  4. I love your skirt :) Lovely blog !

  5. i love the print on your skirt!!


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