May 9, 2010

The ants go marching


Sometimes I forget the impact of a long nature hike. The smell of the leaves and dirt, sweaty skin, warmth of the sun, and feeling of adventure and complete control over life, walking in the woods makes me feel all-powerful, almost invincible. When I was younger, I would take walks with my grandpa to the "Big Rock." We'd pack peanut butter sandwiches and stroll along with out walking sticks- always making sure they were sturdy should we need to sweep away the pricker bushes on our journey. The world seemed compact and huge at the same time. My small mind was thinking of only the Big Rock, it was the only thing that mattered and yet the journey there seemed ever lasting, despite it being less than a mile away. Little legs make little adventures seem huge. As the weather gets nicer, I am positively and willfully giving in to the fruits of nature and absorbing every ray of sunshine I possibly can. Truly good days seem so scarce lately and it is so liberating to find that they are becoming more prevalent.

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