October 11, 2010

animal crackers in my soup

boy do i love this deliciously large EVERYTHING.
oh yeah, and i got 7 inches of muh hair snipped off, ya dig?

September 22, 2010

no time for cameras

Went to the Matt and Kim concert last Friday and it was flipping amazing. Contact and lots and lots of sweat. LOVE. I was really sad when they didn't play their new single, cameras, though. Got locked out when we got home and then some girl almost died on a homemade zip line. Then I ate Taco Bell, coffee and beer for an 830am breakfast. Solid weekend. Of course I forgot to bring my camera and I surprisingly managed to get my sunglasses home in one piece (and myself) despite seeing them on multiple unknown people throughout the evening. Met tons of amazing people. Hopefully I can manage to do that here at school, I'm abnormally awkward and strange when around people I don't know. I don't even know how I've made friends so far in life.

September 3, 2010

hot metal

boy do i miss these guys. got back to school yesterday so unpack unpack unpack unpacking today! gah so much to do and all i want is some coffee. and a shower- i could use one of those.

August 23, 2010


my skin is so uneven, but i can't resist the ultra-natural and fresh feeling i have right after washing my face. any suggestions for getting a nice, even skin tone? i don't do much for my skin other than use olay when washing my makeup off.

August 12, 2010

hot hot rayzz

in north carolina for the week! just went jet skiing- ridiculous. i'm almost finished with my books...not sure what i'll do after i'm out of sweet reads!

July 17, 2010

heads will roll

just got back from las vegas and now i'm off to new york tomorrow for a family party and then heading to new york city with meine mutter for a few days! busy busy busy. i should be working and making money.. but that's going to have to wait for a little. oh anxiety, please leave me alone.

June 27, 2010

check out this mothafucker

this little guy was spotted outside my window yesterday...baby robin maybe? my sister decided it was fun to watch its every move and i decided it would be a good idea to take pictures of it and make it fly away in the end- she didn't like that too much.

June 20, 2010

Most artists take years to develop their style, Thierry seemed to miss out on all those bits

New skirt. Excitement is in the air. It's extremely comfortable and that means extremely wearable. I decided to slap in on when my friends called me last minute (of course) to go see a show at a tiny theater in the city called Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a Banksy film. Banksy is a famous street artist famous for his iconic display of ideas using, basically, a graffiti technique only way cooler. Anyway, the film was pretty awesome and left us wondering about the reality of the entire concept of the movie, being the true identity of one of the characters. Human Centipede, here we come.


skirt: forever21
ring: forever21
tee: gap 


June 10, 2010


Had my last final of the week yesterday and then it was off to HOME! After being home for memorial day weekend, I was so depressed heading back to school for two more weeks, one of then being a finals week, that I just couldn't wait to be home. Nikki, Sarah, and I sat speechless for an entire three point five hour car ride. However, of course, now that I am home, I wish to be nowhere but back at school again. Now I can't wait until fall. I really wish I would have stayed for just one more night, but then again, that could have made it worse because I probably would have had a blast with everyone instead of just being sad to leave after testing. Good fun is always so hard to part with. On that note, I suppose it's good that I parted with the campus when I did. On the plus side, a lot of the girls that go to school with me live pretty close to me back home, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get through summer without a taste of school. I am missing Jared already though and sadly, he is not close to me at all- more like opposite coasts. Time zones, distance, rough patches, and nervousness do not make for good things to come. However I'm planning on flying out to see him for a few days so I'm hoping that will satisfy until school begins again and I get to be with him. Now that summer's here, I'm ready to begin the long, heated, and intertwining days. Too bad I have to put that on hold and unpack first. Priorities, you know.

May 9, 2010

olay! olay, olay, olay! olay, olay!

Dear Palmer Fest,
You were absolutely perfect. Thank you for existing. I will miss the chanting, couch burning, beer, and mace.
See you next year!

-Your 2010 attendee

The ants go marching


Sometimes I forget the impact of a long nature hike. The smell of the leaves and dirt, sweaty skin, warmth of the sun, and feeling of adventure and complete control over life, walking in the woods makes me feel all-powerful, almost invincible. When I was younger, I would take walks with my grandpa to the "Big Rock." We'd pack peanut butter sandwiches and stroll along with out walking sticks- always making sure they were sturdy should we need to sweep away the pricker bushes on our journey. The world seemed compact and huge at the same time. My small mind was thinking of only the Big Rock, it was the only thing that mattered and yet the journey there seemed ever lasting, despite it being less than a mile away. Little legs make little adventures seem huge. As the weather gets nicer, I am positively and willfully giving in to the fruits of nature and absorbing every ray of sunshine I possibly can. Truly good days seem so scarce lately and it is so liberating to find that they are becoming more prevalent.