October 25, 2009

a day in the life

It was parents weekend this weekend which meant I had to be able to function during the day. I have to say that was a pretty difficult task. Going out late at night and then getting up for breakfast by 10 is just not normal for me. I don't think I've eaten breakfast since getting to school. I love it, but honestly that's how it's been going. Maybe I'll start munching on an apple on my my to bio...
Anyway. I've been living off of countless refills of chai lattes (homemade of course) well dorm made..in order to get through the homework that I have piled up on my invisible list of things to do. It's a really long list and so I'm thinking of making it not invisible because then I might actually remember what I'm supposed to do, isn't that a thought!




  1. Love the colors of that mug! I'm not good at keeping lists, but I do stick little post-it reminders (like the one in your pic) everywhere or else I'd forget half of what I need to do...

  2. I always keep lists, they keep me alive! :))
    love that mug-shot! hahaha :)))


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