June 12, 2009

so good at keeping up

Between graduation and many many late nights, I've sort of forgotten to post for the past month. Whoops. These pictures started off as me trying to show off my rings in the pictures, but basically just turned into me eating an apple. I had it with peanut butter and it was delectable. Grad parties have started up again today since it's a Friday. Sadly, I'm going out of town this weekend so I'll be missing some. No biggie though. The band Brand New is going to have a concert in Cleveland, I want to go so badly but it's in July.. and that's just not a good month for me. ever. I think I'm going to get another job too. This damn economy is making my college money dwindle and I will now be paying for a shit ton of my school. I'm still thankful for not having to pay for all of it though...but it still sucks. I was thinking about trying Goodwill, I'll scope out all the cool shit before people can buy it. It will be awesome and will defeat the purpose of even having a job there.. so maybe I'll just get a third while I'm at it.


  1. I love Brand New and your apple photos are awesome!



  2. Anonymous6/22/2009

    Great photos, you're very pretty!


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