April 29, 2009

joey never met a bike that he didn't wanna ride

All work and no play has been my motto for the past few weeks because of senior project. However, as of this very second, I am almost totally finished and it feels SO GOOD. I made a magazine to show how to dress for your body type, which doesn't sound all that difficult, but when you add all of the extra stuff you have to do besides your project, plus other classes, everything adds up quickly.
As for the pictures above, that was a retreat a couple weekends back. It was a good time.

Hopefully I'll be able to show you my magazine pages! I just have to figure out how to watermark stuff and whatever to claim it.


  1. Your shoes are awesome! ^^


  2. great pics! :}
    hot looks!!

  3. great blog ♥
    love your pictures :)

  4. thanks for the comment!

    as for you gossip girls party... i would def play up the NYC theme. have everyone all dressed up in their cocktail dresses and blair headbands of course! make the invite simple but very classy - im thinking black and metallics for the party. i would serve all hors d'ovres like little quiches, canapes - make storebought stuff look "expensive" all by presentation but little cute toothpicks in the indivdual bites. light lots of candles, and use mirrors - like buy a framed mirror and serve food and drinks on it. also just a few vases of pale pink roses will create a scene. get metallic silver and clear star balloons to foat around the sides of the room - and of course serve mocktails! watch gossip girl or play a trivia game - i think theres one out about it! have some luxusirous throws on the courch for ppl to sit down on. maybe play a few games of telephone (whispering down the line) as a form of gossip. serve bite size desserts too like little brownies piled high, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries, etc - use silver serving platters and dont forget to garnish :) hope this helps :)

    cant wait to see the pics!


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