March 9, 2009

Ruprecht's all about sun and soda pop

Busy busy busy with musical! Our school did Dirty Rotten Scoundrels this year What's cool is that we were the first high school in the world to perform it. It turned out to be phenomenal, I saw it like three times. As a member of hair and makeup, I've been swamped with going to the dress rehearsals and shows, it's been crazy!

As for outfits, I have none to post at the moment. I've been in a huge huge rut lately and I hope to escape it. Basically, it's been jeans and tees or hoodies for the past few weeks since I've been sick and so busy. Also, this transitioning really throws me off. It's not quite Spring yet so I want to mix winter and Spring for this time, but at the same time I'm not ready to let go of my cozy winter layers and tights! Ugh!


  1. Cute pictures, looks like you had fun. And I totally agree about the winter/spring transition - it's majorly awkward :( but I'm glad spring's here!

  2. i don't want to get rid of layers either! i think i'll miss the chilly weather. ps love your header xx


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