February 21, 2009

Mermaid nails

What I wore to school last week. I got a lot of comments about my shirt being ripped and how I did it, maybe I'll see some on others soon.

Painted my nails a kooky greenish color after mixing some polish. They turned out to be a pretty cool color. Too bad it's not an actual color so I can fix my nails when they chip, which tends to be about a half hour later when I scrap them on something.
I went to Red Robbin yesterday with friends, it was so delicious. After that, Sarah and I made a pit stop at Target and picked up some ice cream..well after shopping a bit through the make-up aisle and pulling ourselves away from magazines, books, and movies. I also made my friend Hayden come over because we never get to see him anymore. Not that we really did anything fun, but I think that being together is enjoyable enough. We spent the night watching Troy and The Soup and talking of pointless things that are still fun to talk about.
Do anything fun so far this weekend? Anything dreadful?


  1. I'm loving the necklace and the mustard cardi!!

  2. I'm in a love-hate relationship with nail polish... but it's mostly love.
    I've actually never tried mixing colors, I should somtime.
    Anyway, I love the outfit :]

  3. Really beautiful posting!


happy to hear from ya!