February 4, 2009

Making my heart melt.

I always look forward to Dior

mmmmmm. =)

I want to try this:

photos taken from cobrasnake

sorry for lack of posting. school has not been a breeze since it was finals week. I'm going to be super busy actually. I'm doing hair and makeup for our school musical and I also just got a job. Cheer was supposed to be over, but the basketball team made the playoffs so that won't cease yet. I haven't hung out with people in weeks, it sucks being so busy. Then this weekend, I'm going to OU for sibs weekend. Hopefully it'll be fun! I should still have a little of Sunday...


  1. blogwalking :)
    dior, hmm, such as masterpiece, xo.

  2. mmm the second dress is exquisite, just look at the skirt!!

  3. Those dresses are something:D Love them! The second one especially.

  4. i love all these pieces!



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