February 15, 2009

The busy archer

Yesterday was a very happy Valentines day for me! I had slept over at a friends house the night before and then went straight to work in the morning. When I got home, there were a dozen roses waiting for me with a note. It was such a sweet surprise and I couldn't stop smiling all day haha I felt like such a loser but I didn't really care. Too bad I couldn't actually see him that day since he is at college =( They are so beautiful though.
Later that night I went to my friend Brooke's house. The night was full of craziness, just what I needed. I made some delectable cookies too.. well only half of what the box provides considering we all ate most of the batter before I could even put them on the cookie sheet.


  1. how cute!! hope you had a great night :)

  2. beautiful pictures of the flower. :]

  3. nice! I love the flowers!

  4. cute! i love flowers!

  5. mmm cupcakes is right! lol.
    thanks for the comment lady, you have a great blog!

    have a wonderful weekend! :D



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