January 18, 2009

Little treasures

Tonight we are finally doing our Secret Santa present exchange, yes the 18th of January.. better late than never I suppose. I'm hoping that we go sled riding, I haven't gone since 10 grade since I hurt my ankle last year. I got her a pretty shirt she liked from H&M and I also decided to make her a head band last night because I was feeling crafty. Hers is the red rose and lace head band. Hopefully she likes it, I'll just wear it if she never does =P Sweet my mom brought home Panera. Love her. Anyway, these were really easy to create.

Here's how:

Red Rose Head band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band. Fray check the ends.
2. Take a 12'' long piece of fabric or ribbon and fold it in half (long way) and sew along the edge.
3. Pull the thread so that the ribbon/fabric scrunches up. Mold it if needed to make it more rose-like.
4. Stitch on the bottom center to secure it more and then knot the thread so it doesn't come undone.
5. Sew the rose to desired location on the 24'' headband strip.
6. Sew a tiny button to the center of the rose.

Bow head band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band)Fray check the ends.
2. Tie a small bow with a piece of pretty ribbon.
3. Glue the leftover ends of the ribbon to the side that will be placed on the head ribbon.
4. Sew the small row onto the head ribbon

Beaded Bobby Pin

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon. Fray check the ends.
2. With ribbon color matching thread, sew medium stitches down the middle of the ribbon.
3. When you reach the end, pull the thread so the ribbon scrunches.
4. Sew up and down through the middle to secure the scrunch.
5. Knot on the bottom to secure.
6. Place a small dot of glue in the center-top of the scrunched ribbon.
7. Sprinkle tiny beads on the glue.
8. Let dry.
9. Place a glob of glue on the bottom of the scrunched ribbon
10. Attach to a bobby pin or hair clip.

Button Head Band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band)Fray check the ends.
2. Sew a few cool buttons to the ribbon in one spot.

Go ahead and try! They are so easy to make. You can do so much with ribbon.


  1. cute! my mom bought me the little space needle when she was in Seattle! (:

  2. Hey, I tagged you on my blog :)

  3. Adorable headbands!
    I hope you got to go sledding!

  4. Great, you're so creative! :)

  5. Oh that headband you made is really nice and I'm sure she'll like it! And that's cool that you are having your Secret Santa in January.

  6. Anonymous1/24/2009

    i love the black one with the buttons, great job!

  7. so cute, I just love your blog!!!

  8. So cute :) I love DIYs! I'm attending the academy of art university.

    xo, mav

  9. I'm a fan of the dino.

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